Help Prevent the Dangers of Tooth Decay

Protecting your teeth from the pervasive threat of tooth decay is a paramount concern, and at Pomerado Family Dental, we are steadfast in our commitment to prioritizing your oral health. The prevalence of tooth decay is staggering, affecting a significant 82% of U.S. adults by the age of 34, making it a prevalent and pervasive issue. Recognizing the importance of patient education and regular checkups in averting this chronic concern, our team of experts is well-versed and trained in all facets of oral health.

ADA’s Strong Advocacy: Biannual Dental Visits for Optimal Oral Health

The American Dental Association strongly advocates for regular dental visits, suggesting a minimum of two checkups a year for optimal results. During these routine checkups, our experienced dental professionals meticulously monitor the condition of your teeth, gums, and jaws. This proactive approach allows for the early detection of any dental conditions, ensuring that they are addressed at their most treatable stages.

Plaque: The Culprit of Decay

A key contributor to tooth decay is the accumulation of plaque, which, if left untreated, can lead to extensive damage. Therefore, regular visits to our office are imperative, complementing your diligent at-home oral care routine. Our team is dedicated to providing you with professional teeth cleanings that effectively remove any hardened plaque, equipping you with the tools and knowledge needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Specialized Attention for the Younger Generation: Preventive Measures

For our younger patients, we go the extra mile by offering preventive measures such as fluoride treatments and dental sealants. These safe and effective interventions play a crucial role in shielding and strengthening teeth against acid erosion, fostering a foundation of oral health from an early age.

Beyond Prevention: Comprehensive Care for All Ages

At the Poway office of Pomerado Family Dental, oral health is not just a service; it is our number one goal. Whether you seek routine preventive care or require restorations, dental implants, or cosmetic treatments, our commitment is unwavering in providing the highest quality of skilled and compassionate care. Take the proactive step towards optimal oral health—contact us today for more information about our office and the comprehensive range of services we provide. Your journey to a healthier and more beautiful smile begins with Pomerado Family Dental!

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