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Start Good Habits Early: 4 Tips for Caring for Your Child’s Baby Teeth!

New parents have a lot to think about. From changing diapers to bathing, eating, and regular checkups with your pediatrician, your to-do list is full. Because of this, your child’s oral health may not be a priority.

However, it should be. Whether you’re the parent of an infant, toddler, or an older child, it’s essential to take good care of your child’s baby teeth, or primary teeth. Pomerado Family Dental is here with some simple tips to help you get started!

1. Brush Early, Brush Often

You can start “brushing” before baby teeth even emerge. Using a clean cloth, wipe your child’s gums clean after breastfeeding. After the first baby tooth emerges (6 months to 1 year), you can begin brushing your baby’s tooth using a soft-bristled baby toothbrush and water.

After all of your child’s teeth have come in (age 2+), you can start using toothpaste. Just make sure your child is able to spit out the toothpaste instead of swallowing it.

Regardless of their age, your child’s teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. Morning and evening are generally the best times.

2. Form Proper Dietary Habits to Avoid Tooth Decay

Once you start introducing solid foods, you’ll want to take a different approach to your child’s oral health. Avoid excessively sugary foods and beverages like juice and soda. Baby teeth are susceptible to decay. If your child is consuming too much sugar, they may develop cavities and suffer from other oral health problems. Brushing well and avoiding sugar will decrease the risk of tooth decay.

3. Find the Right Dentist and Visit Every Six Months

The right family or general dentist in Poway will set your child up for excellent oral health for life. Encouraging good patient-doctor relationships at a young age is imperative to how your kid will view going to the dentist, or any medical professional. Choose someone who you know you can stick with, like Dr. Patel at Pomerado Family Dental.

Sticking with Dr. Patel allows him to track the progression of your child’s tooth development and overall oral health. Make 6-month visits a habit!

4. Encourage Children to Brush on Their Own, but Supervise!

Around the age of three, kids can start brushing on their own with a pea-sized amount of fluoride toothpaste. However, you shouldn’t let them brush unattended until they’re at least six-years-old. Supervise their brushing to make sure they clean all their teeth (not just the ones they can see), and that they’re spitting out their toothpaste.

Follow These Tips to Take Care of Your Child’s Teeth & Visit Pomerado Family Dental!

Caring for a new child can be overwhelming, but with these simple tips, it’s easy to manage primary teeth and ensure that your child’s mouth is healthy.

Dr. Patel at Pomerado Family Dental can care for patients of any age. At our practice, we make children feel comfortable, safe and secure. By establishing a great doctor-patient relationship and providing expert general dentistry, we can promote healthy oral development and make sure that your child avoids common, early-life oral care problems!

Schedule an appointment for your child today by calling us at (858) 257-1354, or come by our offices in Poway at 15706 Pomerado Rd #201, Poway, CA, 92064.

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