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Emergency Dentistry in Poway

If you have a dental emergency or are experiencing dental pain, don’t hesitate to call Dr. Patel at (858) 674-5252 to speak to your emergency dentist in Poway. We understand that a cracked tooth, broken crown or similar dental injury can happen when you least expect it, and that’s why Dr. Patel has a personal line for emergency dentistry cases, so we can be here for you should you need help in a dental emergency.

Stay Calm

If you’ve never had a dental pain before, a dental injury or accident can be unsettling. Let a friend or family member know if you need assistance to help you get to the dentist for timely dental care and faster healing.

Call Us

Call us at (858)-674-5252 or have a friend or family member call while you care for your smile. If swelling is present, apply an ice pack to the outside of the cheek near the affected area while you make your way to the dentist.

Find Relief

Our staff is eager to help you find relief from dental pain with restorative dentistry. With calming sedation dentistry or gentle dental care, our goal is to help you recover quickly and feel confident again in your restored smile.

Dental Injuries

You may be surprised how often a little roughhousing with the family or playing sports can result in a dental injury. If you have a knocked out tooth, seek your emergency dentist immediately and place the tooth in a small container of whole milk or saliva to keep it moist. If you have a chipped tooth, cracked tooth or broken tooth, rinse the mouth gently with warm water and apply an icepack to the outside of the cheek to reduce swelling.

Toothaches and Dental Pain

If you have just woken up in the middle of the night with a sharp pain in your mouth, you may have a root canal or similar dental concern. Sometimes relieving dental pain can be as simple as flossing gently around the area to remove trapped objects or debris. Because everything from tooth sensitivity to cavities or a root canal can cause a toothache, it is best to schedule a checkup at the dentist to discern the cause for dental pain.

What To Do

If you have had a dental accident or injury, there are a few steps you can take right away to alleviate dental pain as you seek the help of your local dentist. Rinse the mouth gently with warm water to clean the area and do not touch the injury or apply medicine directly to the site, as medicines such as aspirin can burn the gums. Apply an icepack to the outside of the cheeks to reduce swelling while you make your way to the dentist.

Relax At The Dentist

Having treatment for dental pain or a dental injury can feel overwhelming, especially for patients who have never had an issue at the dentist before. At Pomerado Family Dental we believe your health and comfort come first. If you are worried about a dental treatment, we are happy to answer your questions and help you feel your most comfortable. We also offer calming sedation dentistry for patients who require added comfort and support.

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“It’s exciting to be a part of improving the health of our patients. If it wasn’t for our community, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do and enjoy the satisfaction of watching our patients lead better lives with quality dental care. As a dental office, we’re upbeat, up-to-date and passionate about our patients. We strive for the attention to detail that sets us apart from any other dental practice, with a dental staff that looks forward to seeing you smile.”

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