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Can a dentist save a loose tooth?

If you’re an adult and you have a loose tooth, you could be at risk of losing it. Loose teeth are normal for children who still have their baby teeth, but in adults, a loose tooth can be an indicator of a serious dental emergency.

Unless you seek treatment for your loose tooth right away, you could lose it. Luckily, your local Poway dentist, Dr. Patel, at Pomerado Family Dental can provide the emergency dental care you need to save your loose tooth!

The method used will vary depending on the cause of your loose tooth. But here’s a basic overview of what to expect.

1. Tooth Splinting

Tooth splinting is the most common way of treating teeth that are knocked loose during a traumatic injury, such as a contact sport, a nasty fall or any other injury that impacts the mouth.

There are two methods of tooth splinting. If your tooth is still relatively well-situated in the socket, Dr. Patel may choose to implement a temporary splint. A small band of metal or ceramic material will be bonded to the loose tooth and secure it to other teeth.

However, if your tooth is very loose, a permanent splint may be required. Permanent splits consist of multiple dental crowns that are fixed together and permanently placed on the loose tooth.

2. Periodontal Treatment

Advanced periodontal disease is one of the most common causes of tooth loss. The swollen and infected gums are very common among periodontal patients. Inflammation and infection can extend throughout the gums down to the periodontal ligament and supporting bone, causing teeth to loosen and eventually fall out.

If they are performed in time, periodontal treatments such as professional cleanings and surgery to remove plaque deposits can help reduce inflammation. When successful, these treatments result in a full recovery, and loose teeth are likely to remain in place once the gums are healthy.

3. Mouthguards

Loose teeth can also be caused by bruxism, or the grinding of your teeth. This is known as “primary occlusal trauma”. Your teeth are not designed to constantly clench and grind, and doing so can cause the loosening of the ligaments that hold your teeth in place.

To treat this, Dr. Patel may recommend a mouthguard to wear at night or during the day. This mouth guard will protect your teeth from excessive clenching, and may also help realign your bite to prevent further damage.

Loose Tooth? Need General Dentistry? Come To Pomerado Family Dental Today!

At Pomerado Family Dental, Dr. Patel is an expert at diagnosing and treating loose teeth. With over 2 decades of experience in general dentistry, he has the expertise to treat your loose tooth, no matter what the cause may be!

Our mission at Pomerado Family Dental is to provide the best cosmetic dentistry services in Poway, and to provide our patients with truly compassionate, caring service. Your satisfaction is always our top priority!

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